A Child's Cry,Foot board Journey,Society

  • Evangelin Novrose J Research Scholar St.Joseph's college Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India


It's horrible they fought and gone
It's even more terrible; as
my school bag weighed heavy
I noticed, it was locked from outside
yet I believed,
It will be opened soon by them
I waited...


I waited….
The sun was getting ready to go west
and I just wandered
where I can take rest...
And now it's time for supper
still... am standing all alone
foolishly believing the door will be opened soon
I saw a boy as of mine
Playing outside....
meanwhile being fed by his parents
And am standing all alone
Waiting for my parents...
Dark became darker leading to the darkest
I gathered my courage and went near them

I asked…
"Can you give me some food? Am very hungry"
And I can never forget …
They were my life savour that moment
it was getting late....
When everyone went back to sleep
I went back to the process of waiting
it was 3 A.M
I saw a pulsar appealing towards me
I found it was my father...
I hugged him with all my tears
and I asked him "why didn't you think of me"?
He said “I thought she would have"
Days rolled down...

 I asked my mom recollecting everything
she said "I thought he would have"
Thus, I said myself
"Both should have considered a child's cry"


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