Reconstruction of identity in Amitav Gosh’s Sea of Poppies

  • Muhammed Shameem P P Former Student,M.A.English M.E.S Asmabi College Padinjare Vemballur, Kerala, India


This particular study aims to demonstrate identitity Crisis as a dominant theme in Gosh’s  Sea of Poppies which was published in 2008 as part of Iblis trilogy. Identity is not a constant one; instead, it is an on-going progression that can be considered as a subject to change.Since,the colonial period the mobility of people increased across world. Particularly in the postcolonial era, there were vast movements of people, culture and religion. Consequently, the world became a mixture of people from different cultural and religious backgrounds. Quest for Identity is predominant element in the postcolonial writing. The theoretical argument about identity concerns its nature, process of formation, and its existential questions. The idea of firm identity was questioned in many of the contemporary writings owing to its fluidity in such a transcultural world. Amitav Ghosh as a diasporic writer deals in his novels, mostly with migration, displacement, Transculturalism, dual identity and so on. When the migrated individuals were on move and confronted a number of other cultural behaviours to some extent, their indigenous cultural individuality was challenged hence they were drawn into the dual identity.


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