Identity crisis in the milieu of multiculturalism with reference to The Thousand faces of night by Gita Hariharan

  • G. Janet Department of English Rajalakshmi Engineering College Thandalam, Chennai, India
  • Dr. P. Duvaraganathan Assistant Professor Rajalakshmi Engineering College Thandalam, Chennai, India


In Postcolonial literature the Quest for Identity plays an imperative role predominantly in a multicultural society like India. As long as one is vivacious and lives in a serene environment, one does not think about one's identity. It is mulled over only when it is hurt. India by itself is a land of various cultures and languages. In every state we see people from different other states as they are not peripheral. Unavoidably, there are mixed cultures and different languages. Moreover, the impact of colonization results in a major change of personal and social space in the society. So, when people try to fit into the society, their self-identity definitely gets hurt that leads to the disintegration of the prevalent values in the society. This paper stresses discusses both the mental and the physical trauma that women undergo in the novel The Thousand Faces of Night depicted by Githa Hariharan. In addition, the analysis of the characters ends up with the impact of multiculturalism in the post-colonial India.


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