Patriarchal Paradigms: Violence and Stereotyping of the Sexes in Vijay Tendulkar

  • Manisha Chillar Associate Professor Pt. N R S Govt. College Rohtak, Haryana India


The world Tendulkar portrays is full of violence. He explores the dynamics of this phenomenon in the life of the individual and society and unfolds the historical, cultural and socio-psychological dimensions of the violent reality of life. All the traditions, philosophies, religions and common law codes, by and large, assumed patriarchy as natural –that is male domination stemming from the view of male superiority. As part of the culture perpetuated by these ideologies, violence against women was seen as a natural expression of male dominance and a result of gender role of cultural socialization that glorifies and promotes such behaviour. Women, with no choice, came to conform to this institutionalised male power and to psychologically internalize compliance as necessary for their survival. The historical nature of subjection of women affirms that it is not a regrettable deformity but methodically fortified in culture and society and powered by patriarchy that endorses violence and stereotyping of the sexes.


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