Depiction of Religious Dichotomy and Credulity in Mulkraj Anand’s Morning Face

  • Dr Kruti M. Trivedi Assistant Professor Shree J.D.G & S.A.S. College, Surat, Gujarat India


Literature is a tool to study the thought process of human being. Literature not only reveals the external milieu of the age in which it is written but it also retrospect the culture, psychology and other internal discourses like didactic values, cognition of that particular era. The relation among a writer, society and social trend or tribulations is indisputable. A writer cannot turn away his face from contemporary social issues and as a result literature becomes a significant instrument to analyze a range of issues that are portrayed creatively and realistically in that work. Indian English Novels abundantly reflect  the themes and issues regarding religion in various ways wherein Indians either educated or uneducated, belonging to various class are victims of different religious issues and highly sensible towards religious identities, sentiments and symbols. With religious sensitivity among Indian mass various issues regarding the same exist at micro level. At micro level because such issues cannot be found easily yet affects life. Issues regarding religion, in this research paper denote the issues of hypocrisy, religious bigotry, credulity and various superstitions. The Morning Face, a novel by Mulk Raj Anand , portrays various issues that represents religious dichotomy and credulity. In this paper research has tried to analyze the same.


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