The Frozen Manifestations: An Analysis of Christopher Nolan’s Women Characters in Interstellar


  • Ms. A. Krishna Sunder Assistant Professor (Unity Women’s College) Research Scholar Research Centre for Comparative Studies Department of English Mercy College Palakkad, Kerala, India
  • Dr. Nila N. Assistant Professor & Research Guide Research Centre for Comparative Studies Department of English Mercy College Palakkad, Kerala, India



Films are sovereign endeavors constructed through the medium of artistic creation embossing its reflections on cultural, social and political aspects of the then society from which it is born. Films have carved their own niche in constructing a world and providing with a space for one’s endless imagination. Though manipulative in its own terms, Films have been acknowledged as one of the most powerful pillars in the firmament of visual media generating its conspicuous control over the emergence of a social perspective among the latest generation.


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