A Study on 'English Language Teaching' (ELT) in Telugu Speaking States


  • Dr. V. N. Ch. Ranganath Professor in English Aurora Scientific Training and Research Academy(Astra) Hyderabad, Telangana, India
  • K. Vijana Assistant Professor V.K.R, V.N.B & A.G.K College of Engineering Gudivada, Andhra Pradesh, India




Academic, Classroom, English, Fluency, Importance, Language, Learning.


The importance of the English language in the educational field is clear from the fact that many countries have made English an official language. Consequently, English language teaching (ELT) has become one of the significant growth industries around the world in recent years. The English language teaching tradition has been subject to tremendous change, especially throughout the twentieth century. Perhaps more than any other discipline, this tradition has been practised in various adaptations in language classrooms all around the world for centuries. While the teaching of Maths or Physics, that is, the methodology of teaching Maths or Physics, has, to a greater or lesser extent, remained the same, this is hardly the case with English or language teaching in general. As will become evident in this short paper, there are some milestones in the development of this tradition, which we will briefly touch upon, in an attempt to reveal the importance of research in the selection and implementation of the optimal methods and techniques for language teaching and learning.


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