Online Language Learning Resources: A Feature Analysis


  • Sonali Mahanta Ph.D. Scholar, Centre for Linguistics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India



Virtual Classes, Online Language Courses, Online Instruction, Language Websites, Linguistic Content and Material, Online Resources, Placement Test.


The onslaught of Covid-19 pandemic has made the current year the least effective as far as academic activities are concerned. Concerns and doubts are looming large on proper impartation of class room teaching, right from elementary to higher education. Inquisitiveness in us is exploring virtual mode of education and there is no better time to ponder upon the method and the medium than now and access it’s potential. Numerous websites have started providing virtual classes and courses in varied subjects and are turning more and more creative and interactive to the users. The present paper tries to explore the language teaching and learning as being presently provided by various on-line resources across the globe including India. 

This article aims at evaluating the online language learning websites and looks into the availabilities of linguistic contents and materials. It also looks into the techniques and activities used as a part of language instruction practice by the websites. This study has used the secondary sources to do the qualitative analysis with quantitative expressions. For the current study, multiple websites have been assessed on the basis of certain parameters such as, number of languages available for learning, conduction of placement test, accessibility, learning purpose, learning level, language activities, linguistic contents, language assessment and user friendliness. Following are the elaborations of the mentioned features.


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