To Compare The Characters Depicted By Shashi Deshpande In Her Novels To The Condition Of Women In The Present Day


  • Miss Deepti Yadav Assistant Professor Gcrg Group of Institution Lucknow, UP. India


The objective of this comparison is to find out the women characters of her novels are still alive or not. As her characters show problems like emotional trauma, gender-biases, marital issues, subjugation, and sometimes they assert themselves to fit in the canvas drawn by the patriarchal-society for the women or sometimes they become rebellious for their rights and status. Her characters fight for identity and their existence not as someone's wife or daughter in this male-dominated society. They struggle for gender equity, and against the notion, they are not a mere object to do household chores and look after their children. They are also a human being, treat them like and they also have their entity.  


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