Crossing the Threshold of Liminality: A Study on The Ministry of Utmost Happiness and Truth About Me: A Hijra Life Story


  • Amritha Vydoori S. P. Research Scholar, Dept. of English University of Calicut Malappuram, Kerala, India


The term ‘liminal’ developed by the anthropologist Victor Turner describes the in-between state experienced by the individuals who have left behind one settled condition and have not yet entered into another. Liminality is characterized by disorientation, discomfort, and a destabilizing of the settled order. A liminal space is rich in potential for new orderings of experience, understanding and transformation. Homi K. Bhabha opines that "liminal" space is a "hybrid" site that witnesses the production--rather than just the reflection--of cultural meaning. Individuals who are caught in-between two stages of development, who do not hold clearly defined positions within their social system, feel marginal and excluded without any identity. This paper attempts to focus on transgenders who have no space of their own in the male/ female binary and aims to look upon the ways in which they strive to establish their identity as a human being.


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