The Different Dimensions Of Dalit Identity As Expressed In Hindi Dalit Autobiography: An Analysis of Omprakash Vamiki’s Joothan and Surajpal Chauhan’s Tiraskrit


  • Muhamed Shehin T. V. Assistant Professor of English College of Applied Sciences Thamarassery, Kerala, India


Several conceptualisations of Dalit socio-political identity are doing the rounds in the public domain in North India, as various political parties are competing with each other to manipulate the definition of these identities-who they include and what they mean. In such a context, the evolution of Hindi Dalit autobiographies as representations of Dalit cultural identity gains relevance especially in North India, as they nullify the traditional construction of Dalit identity as ‘untouchables’ and tries to re-define Dalit identity in more positive and self-assertive language . However, the Dalit autobiographies contain some ambivalences, as the authors have to grapple with the task of reconciling their traditional low caste identity with their present urban middle-class status.


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