Human Sufferings in Kamala Markandaya’s A Handful of Rice


  • M. Nithya M. Phil, Research Scholar PG and Research Department of English Vivekanandha College of Arts and Science for Women (Autonomous) Elayampalayam, Tamil Nadu, India.


The paper aims to study the sufferings of the human in Kamala Markandaya’s A Handful of Rice, published in 1966.The societal concern depicts the theme of starvation and the sufferings of the human in an indifferent and cruel society. Kamala Markandaya portrays the picture of both rural and urban life in Indian society, with complete skill in this novel. She tries to sketch it with a disobedient voice of Ravi, a protagonist of the novel. Markandaya’s underlying intention is “to awaken the polite society to the rural problems†(Nicholson 120). The novel is a tragic portrayal of anot practical youth, Ravi. The protagonist of A Handful of Rice is associate degree object of hunger and anger, each of that create his life an extended effort. When Markandaya started in writing the novels, the theme of hunger and degradation, east-west encounter, human suffering, rural poverty and city struggleshavealready been deal by several Indian-English novelists, but Kamala Markandaya has provided variety and intensity to these themes to the level of focusing the sufferings and starvation of the human in Indian society .


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