Rejooven Esense as ‘Compound of Control’: A Biopolitical study of Corp Se Corp in Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake


  • Anil Kumar PhD Scholar Department of English Central University of Jammu District Samba Jammu and Kashmir 181143


Posthumanism, Biopolitics, and Power Discourse.


The Twenty first century is an age which begins with digitalization of human beings. Technology having taken ‘immediate hold on body’, intends to redefine the biological existence of ‘body’ through electronic eye. Each movement of body is evaluated and verified by technologically mediated apparatuses and then finally censored to operate ‘normal’ functioning. The inevitability of human growth and the anthropocentric repercussions to possess the power to control the masses is one of the modern catastrophes.  In order to bring close attention to human actions this paper seeks to highlight how the power agency controls and regulates the masses through digital eye. The paper studies Margaret Atwood’s speculative fiction Oryx and Crake in light of Michel Foucault’s “Biopolitical†idea to project how the digital age has taken hold on the democratic set up in contemporary age.


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