Resilient Women in The Novels of Anita Nair: A Study of Meera In Lessons in Forgetting

  • D. Narmadha Assistant Prof. in English Department of English Rajeswari College of Arts and Science for Women Bommayapalayam, Tamilnadu, India


Resilience is the ability and power to quickly recover from difficulties. Resilience is that essential attribute which makes life to move on. Resilience is important to both men and women. But it is women who are in much need of this quality as they need to thrive against the odds of tradition and patriarchy that is dominant in the Indian society. This paper aims to study the resilience of women in Anita Nair’s novel, Lessons in Forgetting. Anita Nair is a notable Indian English writer. She is a best-selling author of fiction and poetry. Her writing focuses on problems faced by women in the patriarchal society. Her novels Better Man, Mistress, Ladies Coupe and Lessons in Forgetting have received enormous appreciation from readers worldwide. Anita Nair’s style of writing is poetic and studded with remarkable descriptions. The women characters of her novel are the victims of patriarchy and are coiled in the ropes of traditional beliefs of the society. They face hardships, suppression and are greatly disturbed physically and psychologically in the world of male dominance. But the power and inner strength of these women to bounce back and regain their original state is what the paper aims to explore.


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