Pratibha Ray’s Yajnaseni: A Saga of Suffering, Disgrace and Retaliation


  • Preeti Yadav Research Scholar Department of English C.C.S University Meerut, U.P, India


Insult, Sacrifice, Dilemma, Separation, Suffering


Draupadi, known as Krishnaa in Ray’s Yajnaseni is one of the most discussed heroines of the Indian mythology. Since the inception of the world, patriarchy has been in practice where a male is considered to be authoritative and fit to take decision. Women are supposed to stay quiet, submissive and unintelligent. Krishnaa is a learned scholar and a lady who is never ready to accept injustices done to her and questions the authorities regarding law or ‘Dharma’. She is known as a catalyst for the great Kurukshetra war, and is blamed to be a lustful lady as she got married to five men – the Pandavas. She is a princess – the daughter of king Drupad, sister of Drishtadyumna, wife of the great warriors of Bharata and mother of five sons still She can neither enjoy the respect provided to a wife and daughter- in –law nor can relish the joy of motherhood. She has been insulted several times and has to suffer pangs of separation either from her love Arjun or her children. The paper aims to unveil the sufferings of her life and the way she stood against the injustice done towards her


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