Critiquing Posthuman Landscapes in Lucy Prebble’s The Sugar Syndrome


  • Rohitashv Yadav PhD Student, Department of English School of Humanities and Languages Central University of Himachal Pradesh Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India


Posthuman Landscapes, Cyberspace, Posthuman Drama, Technology, Electronic Characters.


Lucy Prebble in The Sugar Syndrome (2003) explores posthuman themes, opens with the stage directions of cyberspace. The paper attempts to critique the play from posthumanistic perspectives wherein pertinent concern remains to look at the relationship between humans and technological devices. Current study offers critical analyses of posthuman characters and setting of the play. The descriptions of a teenager and her relationship with numerous other people are significant. Posthuman subjectivity in The Sugar Syndrome emerges from the virtual encounters, for example- the play has dialogues directly uttered by the computer, stage directions are occupied by electronic gadgets, screens, etc. Posthuman drama highlights the human situations surrounded by technological devices and cyber landscape.


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