Chetan Bhagat’s Juxtapose in Two States


  • Jennie Ur Ph. D Scholar Department Of English Chikkaiah Naicker College of Arts and Science Erode


Chetan Bhagat is a champion among the most praised living creators of India. He is a most cherished of the young and has various multiple times been assigned as an image of them. is his fixation for creating that impacted him to reach to the pinnacle of popularity in Two States – The story of my marriage is one of the productive works by Chetan Bhagat, an energetic Indian writer in English. His past works like 'One Night at the Call Center, Five Point Someone and Three Mistakes of My Life were hits. My paper specially focuses on a place of contrasting culture close together; Indian culture has an arrangement of traditions and controls. Particularly India is a country of differing society and Indian individuals are especially enamored with their way of life and saving its virtue towards Two States. Racial isolation in like manner up 'til currently existing within the overall population and it's a bleak reality.


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