The Evolution of The Vampire From A Gruesome Gothic Creature To A Superstar Of Popular Culture With Reference To The Vampire Diaries Tv Series


  • Kunal Debnath MA, NET Cooch Behar Panchanan Barma University Cooch Behar West Bengal India



       A vampire is a mythological-folkloric creature that is said to feed on the blood of the living. It is a Gothic uncanny figure. So judging by the outlook, a vampire is not a figure with whom we should fall in love with. But judging by the current trends in popular culture, it is not true so. Though vampires were once portrayed as gruesome and horrible, with the passage of time, change in trends and paradigm shift in popular culture, they have been naturalized as normal. They have even attained celebrity status. The evolution of the vampire from a gruesome Gothic figure to a superstar of popular culture goes through a process of three stages-

  • Accepting the Vampire as Normal and Natural
  • ‘Celebritizing’ the Vampire and Making a Star out of Him
  • Narrative Technique or Storytelling of Vampire Texts


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