Self-Actualisation in Paulo Coelho’s Select Novels

  • S. Kavitha Ph.d Research Scholar Reg.No 10672 Manonmaniam Sundaranar University Abishekapatti,Tirunelveli, India
  • P. Bala Shunmuga Devi Associate Professor of English Department of English A.P.C.Mahalakshmi College of Arts and Science College Thoothukudi, India


Self-actualisation theory identifies the real creative self of an individual. Paulo Coelho’s novels are numerous among them The Alchemist, The Pilgrimage, Eleven Minutes and Veronica Decides to Die are presented because they highlight the theory of self-actualisation, where Coelho conveys the readers to give themselves freedom and courage to explore the best of their own self. The Alchemist pictures the journey of Santiago who follows his heart and experiences self-actualisation. The Pilgrimage is Coelho’s spiritual awakening of self-actualisation along the road to Santiago through ten spiritual exercises. The novel Eleven Minutes is the experience of a young prostitute who undergoes self-actualisation through love and sex. The novel Veronika Decides to Die depicts about Veronika who escapes from death and discovers herself when death seems to be very near. The experience of self-actualisation is the ultimate objective of every human being. Therefore, self-actualisation in Paulo Coelho’s select novels is presented.


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