Theorising the Soap: A Study on the Prime Time Soap Operas on Indian Television


  • Christina Mary Georgy M A English Language and Literature Institute of English, University of Kerala Trivandrum, Kerala India


The media, in its multifarious forms, functions as one of the principal strategies through which cultural communication is achieved in the society. Mass media serve as a powerful socializing agent in the contemporary society. It plays a crucial role in almost all aspects of day to day life. In this age of rapid modernisation, television still stands out as the most attractive and persuasive mass communication medium that provides tremendous reach and entertainment for all categories of people across the globe. Among the various genres of shows aired on television, soap operas have received immense popularity, especially among the family audience. Hence it is imperative to understand the reason behind the development of daily soaps on Indian television. This paper traces the origin, history and significance of prime time soap operas on Indian television.


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