Representations of The Victim And The Victimizer In Partition Short Stories


  • Ankita Arora Ph.D Research Scholar (Author) Dept. of Modern Indian Languages & Literary Studies University of Delhi Delhi, India


The era of the Partition experienced various unexpected, unforeseen and inexplicable incidents. These incidents had an equally unfathomable impact on people. Since everyone was losing either their family members or their possessions, the Partition put man in a fragmented state of mind. It became a challenging task to think straight and stay optimistic during such hard times. There are also instances when even the most clear-headed humans started behaving irrationally. The effect of the social upheaval of the time was such that their actions too became baffling. The Partition resulted in major shift in the personalities of the people. The adverse circumstances forced the victims to become victimizers. They succumbed to punishable means in order to either avenge the death of their loved ones or to take back what they thought was rightfully theirs.


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