Rohinton Mistry’s Family Matters : A Novel Of Indian Secularism


  • Dr. Fazal Hasan Guest Faculty Patna Muslim Science College Patna India


Parsi novelists have always played a pivotal role in the arena of English literature. Rohinton Mistry is one such prolific Parsi novelist who was born in India but immigrated to Canada. From there he endeavours to map the Parsi cultural space in India in his narratives. Mistry seems to be deeply concerned about the marginalized Parsi existence which is severely threatened under the impact of globalization and modernity and the sharp decline in population made him frightened. The rising communal disharmony has intensified the community consciousness more than ever before. This ethnic anxiety is best exemplified in Mistry’s novels. Family Matters is the third and the latest novel published in 2002. Family Matters crosses the boundary of nation, ethnicity and times and achieves universality by taking up the thematic issues such as familial bondage and human relationship, cosmopolitan city life, secularism, corruption and communalism, suffering and death, immigration, alienation and sense of belongingness etc. This article explores the thematic possibilities in the novel by which Mistry has woven the plot to achieve his aim.


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