Publication Ethics and Malpractice

Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

IJELLH strictly complies with the moral justice and moral philosophy, and would likewise direct a lawful audit if required on a case-by-case basis. The journal guarantees reproducing or promoting won’t affect the decision of the editors. The Editorial Board of the title permits you to speak with different publishers, journal and authors on solicitation for the association.

Responsibilities of Authors:  An author should make sure that the research work is original in its idea.  The research work should not seem like the same as already published somewhere else.  He/she will be responsible for his/her entire research work.  The content of the research should be correct and accurate.  The research work must have ample material to represent author’s viewpoint.  Proper reference guidelines must be followed and mentioned in a comprehensive manner that it does not seem like a plagiarized or copied work. Authors must understand the publication ethics and take into consideration while taking material from the source.  Proper acknowledgement must be awarded to its original writer or publisher.

 Responsibilities of Editors

An editor must evaluate the paper for its originality, accuracy of the content and its nature and scope of work.  Editors must not work under any kind of pressure or influence.  They must play their fair role in selecting and reviewing the research work without any gender, religious or political biasness. It’s must for an editor to maintain the confidentiality of a manuscript and should not disclose the idea or content of the research work other than the people involved in its publishing.